Can’t keep Away for Too Long

Been so long that I haven't written anything. But the love for writing makes me jot some points I learn everyday. Thought of sharing my latest pieces of instagram posts on my blog. You can follow me on @baandartube on instagram. Hope you all are doing great. Peace.  


One More Year (day 9) Part 3

Let the show begin. Dear Diary, My entrance result got declared, it was not bad, but not good. One thing was clear in my mind, that I will never drop a year and go back to that dreadful time. I started looking for colleges abroad. I saw that people having much lower score than me, … Continue reading One More Year (day 9) Part 3

A Gem of a Person (day 8) Part 2

Then came a gem of a person Let the show begin. My dad talked to a family friend about my physics situation and a dire need of a physics tutor for individual treatment. He told us about a Physics professor who teaches at home. Without a second thought, we decided to meet him and so … Continue reading A Gem of a Person (day 8) Part 2

S01E03: A Real Inspiration|Dear Diary|

They all try to look the same, All try to give themselves a name. Pick on the boy who is all alone Just because his identity is his own What has this world come to? All this wrong that people do, Just for the image they want to show. Down the evil path they seem … Continue reading S01E03: A Real Inspiration|Dear Diary|