The time to change is now.

Wow. I totally agree with what you have posted. I think it is our own selves, who are the biggest obstacles in our hurdle race towards success. We often overthink about the negative aspects and sometimes forget what it might actually be if we actually did it. Once we jump over this hurdle, we actually realize that this was just first level they have crossed. There are gonna be bigger and worse conditions when they would be on rock bottom. All that is required is self-confidence and the will to jump over it. Trust me, later you will realize it was just a small step towards making to the finish line. 🙂

Reimagine Therapy

That thing you would like to experience someday, why not do it now?

The person you want to be someday, why not start working on being that person now?

The way of life you are putting on hold for when you are older, richer, healthier, less busy, prettier, thinner, why not start living it now?

I have learned that it is mistake of gigantic proportions when we think that putting life on hold, shielding ourselves from evolving via fear and excuses, is in any way justified. It is a terrible waste of life and life’s opportunities to grow.


I understand that sometimes we need to acknowledge our circumstances. Life is complicated, and therefore caring for a child, an elderly person, or a sick one may prevent us from doing or being where we would like. Nevertheless, these circumstances have the amazing potential to become selfless acts of love which, even…

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