The Gentleman with The Offer

  Just sitting casually inside in front of the warmth of the heater, sipping hot chocolate and wondering what good have i done to deserve this comfort. The real deserving ones are those sitting under the roof of the aisle in the market Square, hoping to see the next morning. I wonder if they must … Continue reading The Gentleman with The Offer

My first ever 3-tier Cake.. with a little surprise in it

Name: Harsh Trehan City: Chandigarh Date of Birth: 20th April, 1998 Age: 18 PS: Please don't judge me by my age. you can know more about me on my official Page.   THE FLOOD CAKE: About the Dish: This is a 3-tier chocolate cake which is filled with loads and loads of flavor and … Continue reading My first ever 3-tier Cake.. with a little surprise in it

Dont worry, it Will Dry Out

So what it may take some time, But don't worry, It will soon dry out.   You might be stopped, you might be blocked. You might be disapproved on your thought. Never consider what others say. Yeah, it may hurt you, but don't worry, it will dry out. It may either fade your ink away, … Continue reading Dont worry, it Will Dry Out

The Silver Rose

Hi, I'm a Rose. Not an ordinary one. I'm made of silver. I was made with great care and discipline. No rose in the world was as brilliant as my finesse. But with great power comes great responsibility. I needed great care and constant attention. And with that I give my best performance. I am proud … Continue reading The Silver Rose

The Wrong Book

I was reading this story which the whole world was reading and following. It was not like any ordinary story which usually people read. It was different. It was hard to understand it. Was hard to comprehend and predict what would come next. Well maybe you think that's the main part of the story, but … Continue reading The Wrong Book